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Office Pro reporting provides agent reports in order to manage team members and activities. This allows activity and call reporting on staff members who either use the same phone every day or login to different phones with an agent ID.  Reports can be generated at any time or be set to run automatically and be sent to a file location or an email box.

An example of a summary agent report is shown below. This particular report shows what time each person logged in and logged out for the day, how many calls they answered, how quickly they answered calls, their average inbound call length ….


…. how many calls they made, their average outbound call length, how many calls they transferred to others, their total inbound and outbound talk time for  the day …….


…. and importantly, how long they were in each break mode.


Download Break Mode Example Report
– Download other Agent Report Examples

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Working with Break Modes and Availability Status

*Note – Break Modes are a Panasonic feature other systems like 3CX use Availability Status

Break modes (that can be easily configured) are either set or cancelled by each user using the Break Mode application which is easily accessible in the System Tray.



Alternatively, users can set and cancel Break Mode from within the CommsOffice tab of the optional Outlook tool bar.



Break Modes can also be set from within the CTI client (On Panasonic & ShoreTel/Mitel).




List View – Agents & Groups

The List View provides a live agent & group status screen allowing a supervisor/manager to instantly view and understand how their team is performing. Simple icons display an agent/users current status, i.e. on an inbound/outbound call or logged out. It also displays if any agents are in Break Mode (absence message) and will show the time they have been in that state.  Scrolling to the right will reveal multiple columns of data for that user for the day. Any absence messages set on the telephone system or from the Office Solutions “Break Mode” feature, will display the time agents & users have been in that state. The supervisor/manager can right click on an agent/user to log them in or out.


The supervisor/manager can right click on an agent/user to log them in or out.


The following status icons are displayed next to an agent showing their current status.


Multiple columns of agent statistics can be selected to display totals for calls, durations, etc.


Columns to display for the agents are shown below.



Visibility of Break Modes

On the screen of the users phone,


Wallboard Statistic Tile


Group Leaderboard


Supervisor List View



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