Wallboard Messaging

A Wallboard panel can be set to display a webpage, or other content accessible via a web browser such as an IP camera output or even a vertically scrolling message page as shown below. There are many freely available scripts on the web however the one we’ve listed below is easy to use, quick to deploy and easily editable in order to provide up to date messaging for agents.



Vertical scrolling and pausing script

The following is a freeware script which can be downloaded and saved to a location that must be accessible by the both PC which will be running the wallboard and the PC of the person who will be editing and updating the messages –  Click on the following link to view the file or right click and ‘save as’ to download: –  scroller2

Setting a wallboard panel to display webpage content

To configure a wallboard panel for messaging simply select the panel to configure by left clicking on it (by default a red band will appear across the panel), then right click and select ‘Configure Panel.’


Select ‘Web Browser’ from the drop down …..


Then add the path to the file before clicking OK.


Once the panel is displaying the content, you can then increase the width of the panel to the full width of the screen.


Editing the message content

The easiest way for to access and edit the file is to create a shortcut on the desktop.


Once the shortcut has been created, it’s easy to right click on the shortcut icon, select ‘Open with’ and edit the file using Notepad.


Each line of content can be edited and additional lines added if required. If additional lines of content are added you may wish to change the Refresh timer. 22 seconds works well for 4 lines of content.


Once the changes have been made simply save the file and the wallboard content will update on the next refresh.


Advanced Editing

Changing the timer below will change the amount of time between page refreshes.


It is also possible to change the width and height attributes, as well as the background color.


The font style for the text can be changed as below.



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