Call Logging

Without reporting, how will you manage?

After salaries, overall communication costs are the largest single office expense. These costs are usually unmanaged, increasing and out of control. Without accurate call information how can you manage the costs of your business.

Can you answer the following?

  • How many non-business related calls are being made every day?
  • Do you have enough lines / channels?
  • Do your callers ever get an engaged tone?
  • Are you missing calls / business?
  • Do some clients call before 8.30am?
  • Do you have enough cover at lunchtime?
  • Are your lines linked to the most efficient network carrier for your needs?
  • How many customers does your company aggravate or lose through abandoned calls and unacceptable ring times?
  • Do your staff call premium services?
  • Which department or individual incurs the majority of these costs?
  • What time of day are your phones most / least busy?
  • How’s your marketing doing?
  • Are your adverts working?

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