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The safety of your customers and guests should be of paramount importance. The “Office Solutions ™” range of applications (excluding Intro) have a feature called ‘Number Dialed Live Alarms’ which will monitor the telephone system and send an alarm as soon as a number is dialed that is set within a table, i.e. 911 or other emergency number. As soon as the number is dialed and connects, an alarm is raised.

IMPORTANT : The Number Dialed – Live Alarm is only available on Xpress, Pro, Compact, Ultimate and FrontDesk. It is not available on the Office Intro.

The features of this alarm, compared with other alarms like Emergency Call or Number Dialled – Outbound are:

  • Alarm can be raise when the call is in progress. “Emergency Call” or “Number Dialled – Outbound” are only raised after the call ends and is processed by the call logging service.
  • The “Number Dialled – Live Alarm” can also set a message on another phone.
  • The “Number Dialled – Live Alarm” can also dial another number if configured.

How to set the alarms

Go to System | Alarm Management | Alarms

Click on the Green Add symbol to create the alarm and select ‘Number Dialed – Live‘ from the options.

The dialing parameters for this alarm are set in the ‘Dial’ tab


Enter the number to match in the Number (out) field and you also need to enable the alarm by selecting Enabled. In the screenshot below, 911 has been entered in order to send a live alarm if anyone dials 911.




In the example shown below, the alarm is set to trigger if 07764 58XXXX is dialed (rather than 911 as shown above) from any phone on the telephone system. With the configuration shown below the Office Solutions  CTI server will make a call from extension 2412 and will dial the target extension 2004 (an ICD/ACD group number may be used to ring more than one extension if required). If you wanted the program to dial an external number, you would  enter it into the 2nd field Call this Extension or External number entering the number as you would manually dial it from the telephone.


As soon as the call to 07764 58XXXX connects, extension 2004 starts to ring and an alarm message will be displayed on the display (proprietary extension telephone, note a display telephone is required for message to display). This alerts the user that the Emergency Number has been dialled. In most scenarios this would be 911, 999, 112 or whichever emergency number is valid for your country.

NOTE: Press the ‘Pause’ key to cancel the display message on a Panasonic proprietary extension telephone

Like other alarms in the application you can set-up email address to send an alarm to.


It’s also possible to set the alarm text that will be displayed




Logs of Alarms raised can be found in System |Alarm Management | Alarm Log



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