Office Solutions for 3CX

Office Solutions for 3CX provides fully customisable dashboards, wallboards and reporting helping to significantly extend the capabilities of 3CX telephone systems.

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Deployment Options
Office Solutions for 3CX can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and also in hybrid cloud configurations providing internet and desktop access to telephone data. It can be used in a single site or in multi-site and team environments. Providing performance and business data wherever it is required for any type of business.

Users can access a comprehensive range of real-time telephone system metrics, including configurable call centre monitoring and reporting.

Office Solutions extends and complements 3CX system functionality allowing users to access important telephone analytics and performance-related data from anywhere on multiple devices.

The Office Solutions application server provides an integral web server and a Microsoft SQL database. This removes the need for a separate web server such as Microsoft IIS or Apache simplifying installation and making deployment quicker and more cost-effective.

The application server provides a convenient platform allowing for a web-based implementation for users requiring browser access and desktop clients in office environments where needed.

Call Statistics Pages
The Call Statistics pages provide a configurable daily view of important telephone system call performance providing at a glance status throughout the day.

Dashboard Pages
Dashboards display call data in configurable panels as statistics or charts with standard and fully customisable templates. Show calls by site, extension and department. Choose from statistic tiles, bar, line or pie charts. Monitor performance with extension leaderboards.  Display a grid of unanswered calls showing the date, time and telephone number of any calls that have not been answered.

Wallboards Pages
Wallboards display live, static and external data with a range of standard or custom templates that can be fully configured. Set thresholds and alarms, configure and store multiple wallboard views and set them to rotate to display for set time periods to show a wider range of call centre metrics. Use agent status tiles to see live agent statuses such as wrap-up, DND and availability status.

ACD List View Page
The top area of the ACD List View provides a configurable graphical live grid view of queues and agents. The lower half of the page provides a live list view of key agent and queue performance statistics keeping supervisors and managers fully informed in real-time.

Reporting Pages
Office Online provides browser access to an extensive range of historic reporting. Run or email a report from the Reports navigation tree, the favourite reports area or search for a required report. Reports can be scheduled for email or printer delivery and conveniently displayed in the scheduled reports area on the reporting page. Configurable summary and detail reporting is available for both call centre agents and queues and for any extension, trunk, department and site call traffic.

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