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The “Office Solutions ™” range of software products by CommSoft RMS LLC has been specifically designed to work with business telephone systems.


By providing a fully modular comprehensive range of scalable solutions explicitly targeting real-world business requirements in small, medium and large businesses, Office Solutions applications provide both effective and affordable solutions for all areas of; call management, call centre, call recording, CTI, hotels and Hospitality.

With over 20 year’s experience in software development and solution provision with many of our staff, support team members and developers having worked for prominent  telephone system manufacturers such as Panasonic ensures a closely integrated range of solutions and support services. Using these solutions and services enables any business to improve efficiency, monitor performance, manage costs, adapt to demand and business changes whilst keeping ahead of competitors.

Office Solutions for Business applications:

  • Live Bidirectional Call Management and Call Control for Groups and Call Centres
  • Hotel and Hospitality Middleware and PMS Software

Office Solutions provide extensive fully integrated solutions for business telephone systems, delivering the most complete, flexible and appropriate solutions for your business requirements with support to fulfil your requirements today and in the future as your business expands.


What our customers say

“In the investment world, it’s essential to handle calls as quickly and efficiently as possible. What we liked about the solution we’ve chosen is; from the outset our telecoms provider and CommSoft worked closely with us to understand our requirements, then proposed a solution that provided more than we had thought possible whilst remaining within budget. We’ve now got; CTI clients that search a client database and popup the callers details in an alert window, 24/7 audio call recording, detailed performance reporting, live wallboards and something we hadn’t initially thought of which is ‘call outcome analysis’. Our business development managers can easily ‘stamp’ calls with a call outcome allowing quick analysis of which funds and outcomes are trending during the day or over any given period.”

Blake Sand
Divisional Director & Head of Investor Relations,
TIME Investments
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