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Entry level affordable business grade voice recording available as; USB module and software or PCI card, software and application server PC. Part of the Office Solutions version 8.0 range of business software solutions. Scroll down for more information or go to download documents

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Office Voice Compact is a professional client server software application specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses that need to record calls for; regulatory compliance, to improve operational performance, to protect your business and employees and aid dispute resolution.

Features at a glance

  • Easily search for and playback recordings
  • Send recordings by email
  • Can be installed on lines/trunks, SIP or extensions
  • Stamp recordings with a star rating
  • Add notes & Bookmarks to recordings
  • Secure 128 bit encrypted recordings
  • FSA and PCI compliant
  • Manual or automatic pause/resume recording
  • Full audit trails for each recording
  • Scheduled onsite or offsite archiving
  • Includes Call Reporting
  • UK and US based development, integration and support


  • Works with other Office Solutions products to provide call centre (Pro), CTI and dialling facilities
  • Can be implemented with USB modules or PCI cards
  • Custom integration providing links to recordings into customers CRM records

Simple but Powerful Search

Clear Results Screen

Scheduled Call Logging Reports as standard


USB Module
To keep the costs down – the recorder can be supplied as a USB module and recorder application software, allowing connection to an existing customer PC minimum specification. The module contains a voice recording board (PCB), which connects in parallel across each line to be recorded, the module then connects via USB to the PC. The PC is connected to the same network (LAN) as the telephone system allowing call logging SMDR/CDR data to be collected and stored in the recorder application database (MS SQL Express) and ‘tagged’ onto each recording.

Call Recorder with Application Server or PC
If required, the recorder can be supplied complete with an application server or PC, in this case a voice recorder board will be mounted inside the machine in a PCIe slot. This format would typically be supplied as tower format, although rack-mount, RAID and high availability server can be supplied as chargeable options. Prices for these options are available upon request.
(Model shown is for illustrative purposes only)

Customer supplied PC for USB recorder
If a customer is supplying their own PC, it is important that it meets the minimum specifications. Some of the important things to bear in mind would be as follows:

  • PC should be at least a dual core machine running a Microsoft business operating system (i.e. not a “Home” edition).
  • Smaller sites can be supported by 2GB RAM although 4GB or more is advisable.
  • A HDD suitable to store the recordings would typically be 500GB, 1TB or above.
  • For digital or analogue lines, the USB box or PC should be no further than 2m from the telephone system.

Customer supplied PC for SIP recorder
If a customer is supplying their own PC for a SIP installation, it is important that it meets the minimum specifications. Some additional things to bear in mind for SIP installations would be as follows:

  • PC will require a free USB port (for the licensing dongle)
  • PC will require a second NIC card (or dual NIC card). One port connects PC to LAN, second port connected to mirrored port for SIP traffic.
  • SIP port will need to be mirrored on a data switch; original port goes to telephone system, mirrored port goes to the recorder.


 Connection across Analogue Lines

Connection across Digital Lines


Compatible Systems:
Any telephone system providing SMDR/CDR call logging output

Connection Methods:
Two sets of connections are required for each voice recorder:

  • A “Call Logging” connection to the PC or server being used.
  • An “Audio Recorder Channel” connection for each line or extension to be recorded.

Call Logging – can be; RS232 serial port or Telnet via LAN or IP via LAN or via text file reader – (call logging is required for reporting and call tagging)

Null Modem lead required for serial connection from telephone system to PC, Cat5 straight patch lead required for Telnet & IP connection.

Audio Recorder Channel – USB recorder module or card, line and extension connections are via a high impedance parallel ‘TAP’. SIP and VoIP recorders use a mirror port as shown in the diagram above and as shown in the connection detail PDF document links below.

Note: Connection method depends on the type of telephone system and recorder being used

More Information & Downloads:

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